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It was already dangerous to retreat to previously prepared positions - the floors would creak, as always, inopportunely, or this club would crash headfirst into the jamb.

breathed into Igor's ear:

- We're standing here!

- Yes, I understand.

You could definitely hear the scraping of metal in the keyhole. Door she twitched softly, then braked sharply, someone slipped in and covered her behind him

We stood in the kitchen, pressed against the wall, to the right just outside the door. When the guest entered, I removed my head. Igorek did not look out. He stood at attention, raising his head and opening his mouth, breathing, speeding up the pace. He strained, dear, before the fight. He squeezed my wrist and pointed his finger at himself - they say, I'll go. Well, well, maybe he really is only clumsy with girls, but in fact he is an eagle, a tiger and Jackie Chan to boot.


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