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Rock & Roll / Blues / Americana
Hometown: Rochester NY
Founded in 2015
river lynch and the spiritmakers
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 Singer/songwriter River Lynch first had visions of a life in music when just a young kid.  Not long after, he got his first electric guitar and never looked back.


Starting out in Rochester, NY, River began pursuing his passion for writing songs, recording, and performing as a solo artist at the age of seventeen. After deciding to leave college, he dedicated his time to creating a life in music. Early on, he drew from the artistic visions of Dylan and Jim Morrison, and as he began to perform live, he used his creative freedom to explore a style that is completely his own.


River released his debut EP There Goes the Heart in 2016 with the help of local musicians Tim Leverett on drums and Schuyler Skuse on bass. The original intention of the band was to release the EP but quickly grew into what has now become River Lynch and The Spiritmakers.  Since then, the band has been recording and performing original songs across New York, the East Coast, and Canada. They have also independently released four singles available on streaming platforms.


What is a Spiritmaker? Someone who lifts the human spirit through the power of rock ‘n’ roll music. describes them as “…a call to arms to fellow rock revivalists ready to reassert the primacy of rock music." In the vein of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Folk Rock, Blues, and Americana; the band has received comparisons to artists like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and The Doors, while bringing a renewed energy to their own bluesy, hook-filled, vintage sound. “The sound transcends what we think of as a typical rock outfit”, says  Although influenced by music from the fifties, sixties, and seventies, River avoids simply being a replication of the past and instead has set out to create an identity all his own.  “Rock 'n' roll is a mystical force that lives in your soul and is available to everyone.” – River Lynch


River's original song "All This Time" was named "Best Song of The Month" by  


River Lynch and The Spiritmakers have had the pleasure to open for national touring acts including Three Dog Night, Rusted Root, Legendary Shack Shakers, The Blue Stones, Carbon Leaf, and Jesse Dayton.  


Festival performances include Musik Fest (PA), Rochester Lilac Festival (NY), Indie Week (Toronto), International Pop Festival (NYC), and the Fairport Music Fest (NY).  


We would love to hear from you! Stay connected by following the band on Facebook, Instagram, and by joining the mailing list to be sure not to miss out on upcoming shows, events, and new releases.


Straight Through - River Lynch & The Spiritmakers
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Rock / Blues 
There Goes The Heart - River Lynch & The Spiritmakers
00:00 / 00:00
Rock & Roll
All This Time - River Lynch & The Spiritmakers
00:00 / 00:00
Singer Songwriter / Americana
Don't You Bother - River Lynch & The Spiritmakers
00:00 / 00:00
Rock / Blues
Sun Hit Noon - River Lynch and The spiritmakers
00:00 / 00:00
Rock & Roll / Blues
Outside The Sun - River Lynch and The Spiritmakers
00:00 / 00:00
Rock & Roll / Pop

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river lynch and the spiritmakers
river lynch

Music Videos

Official music video for "Straight Through"

Official music video for "Don't You Bother"

Official Lyric Video for "There Goes The Heart"

Official Music Video for "Outside The Sun"

Live Solo Acoustic Performance for SOFAR Sounds

Live Performance for Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight

Notable Previous Shows 

11/9/17             Indie Week/Cameron House     | Toronto, ON

12/31/17        Dome Arena w/Rusted Root       | Rochester NY

5/16/18          Rochester Lilac Festival               | Rochester NY

8/7/18            Musikfest                                 | Bethlehem PA

8/25/18          Fairport Music Festival                | Fairport NY

7/27/19         Jam AT The Ridge/Three Dog Night    | LeRoy NY

Upcoming Shows

4/3/20            Sofar Sounds Cleveland                                Cleveland, OH

5/13/20          Rochester Lilac Festival                                   Rochester, NY

6/3/20            Riverside Convention Center                           Rochester, NY

6/13/20          South Buffalo Porch Fest                                  Buffalo, NY

Three Dog Night, Rusted Root, Jesse Dayton, The Legendary Shack Shakers, The Blue Stones, Carbon Leaf

Opened For :

Similar Artists :

Tom Petty, Alabama Shakes, The Shelters, The Doors, Gary Clark Jr.

Press and Awards

A & R  (Read Full Article)


River Lynch and The Spiritmakers have dropped their brand-new track ‘Straight Through’ complete with a stunningly visual video that’s a serendipitous dream for all of my fellow rock revivalists. Their combination of Rock n’ roll, blues, and folk rock is insatiably delectable combined with the charisma of one of the most charming front men that’s graced the rock genre.


Originating from Rochester, New York; Lynch has his work cut out for himself contending with a drift of musicians that are all as heavy as the snow fall. Fans all across NY who have had the pleasure to witness this enigmatic foursome live, all know that they transcend the typical Rochester noise.


The band exude the same style of The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcyle Club & The Jim Jones Review, but with so much soul and modern energy behind their music the comparison hardly seems fair. Their debut track is packed full of resonant reverb from the effortless talent of lyricist, vocalist and guitarist River Lynch. There’s not many guitarists that are blessed with the ability to create the jingle of Johnny Marr, the guitar solo is everything you’d expect from a band that exudes vibrantly vintage nostalgic sound.


From start to finish the track is a true audiophiles delight. Undoubtedly by far my favourite element of this track was the lyrical diversity from Lynch as he transgressed from graunching gravelly vocals to hitting the resonant highs, whilst drenching you in gloriously riff heavy ensembles combined with piercing drum rolls and a uniquely delectable organ infused sound. (Read Full Article)


Rochester rock and roll upstarts River Lynch and The Spiritmakers have teased us with a video for their latest single “Straight Through” that is pure, organ soaked, riff heavy goodness.  These guys are clearly on a mission, and this song and rock-band-in-studio-recording video definitely qualify as a call to arms to fellow rock revivalists ready to reassert the primacy of rock music, for good or ill, in the crowded modern marketplace. With more new music  on the way, it will be most interesting to hear what they’ve got to back all of this up.



Rochester City Newspaper (Read Full Article)


On "There Goes The Heart," River Lynch balances lyrical weight with instrumental dexterity and flight. The music, with or without the words, paints its audience and its needs vividly. That's right, Lynch is singing to you. There are myriad influences rearing their heads in the mix, like The Drive-By Truckers, The Bottle Rockets, and The Beat Farmers — bands who all sling the honky-tonk unapologetically.  

Lynch and his band harness the urge to horse it into the boat with a thick, juicy, and appropriate guitar attack, and leaves room for the songs to do what they do. This record is rockin' with heart and soul and just the right amount of grease.


BY FRANK DE BLASE (Read Full Article)


In October 2016 "All This Time" was named "Best Song Of The Month" by





Ear To The Ground Music (Read Full Article)


River Lynch and the Spiritmakers could be a lot of different genres, but we’re going to call them Americana. They have the ability to rock, for sure, but there’s also a driving momentum to their style that seems like it would be comfortable on the streets of New Orleans. In other words, the sound transcends what we think of as a typical rock outfit. The message of the song is spiteful and angry, which works really well with the aggression found in the guitars, drums, and vocal.





The Record Archive: Richard Storms


River and his band get right to the spine shaking, spleen venting heart of rock & roll.  Their grasp of rock's past is impressive...their leap into rock's future is breathtaking.




Booking and all other inquiries: River Lynch  |


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