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Written by: River Lynch

River Lynch: Vocals & Guitar

Schuyler Skuse: Bass

Tim Leverett: Drums

Doug Zogby: Additional guitar, backing vocals & organ

Produced by Doug Zogby & River Lynch

Mixed & Engineered by Doug Zogby

Mastered by Roger Lian

Recorded at GFI Studios


Cover Photo by Krista Marra 

Cover Design by Tim Leverett

Released April 2016


WRUR 88.5FM      Rochester NY

WBER 90.5FM      Rochester  NY

WLKK 107.7FM    Buffalo NY

RL1/RNI                 Brooklyn NY

Radio Crystal Blue    Parkland WA

WRFZ 106.3FM    Rochester NY

WITR 89.7FM       Rochester  NY


"All This Time" was named 
Best Song Of The Month by
for the month of Oct. 2016
River Lynch There Goes The Heart EP
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City Newspaper: Album Review

On "There Goes The Heart," River Lynch balances lyrical weight with instrumental dexterity and flight. The music, with or without the words, paints its audience and its needs vividly. That's right, Lynch is singing to you. There are myriad influences rearing their heads in the mix, like The Drive-By Truckers, The Bottle Rockets, and The Beat Farmers — bands who all sling the honky-tonk unapologetically.


Lynch and his band harness the urge to horse it into the boat with a thick, juicy, and appropriate guitar attack, and leaves room for the songs to do what they do. This record is rockin' with heart and soul and just the right amount of grease.



“All This Time” is a rollicking, high energy cut which is in the musical vein of bands like Mumford & Sons and the Lumineers. The music arrangement features multiple guitar tracks, strong lead vocals by Lynch, and a propulsive, full-band sound. This recording was expertly produced by Lynch and Doug Zogby at GFI Studio in Rochester, which is owned by Tony Gross. On this cut, Zogby also played guitar and contributed backing vocals.



Ear To The Ground Music

River Lynch and the Spiritmakers could be a lot of different genres, but we’re going to call them Americana. They have the ability to rock, for sure, but there’s also a driving momentum to their style that seems like it would be comfortable on the streets of New Orleans. In other words, the sound transcends what we think of as a typical rock outfit. The message of the song is spiteful and angry, which works really well with the aggression found in the guitars, drums, and vocal.

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